Ceremonies & Rituals

Ceremonies allow us to bring the sacred into everyday life. Since ancient times, they have been performed to help us navigate through changes and welcome new cycles. They create a connection between the visible and invisible worlds.
A ceremony is a powerful tool for shaping and transforming the world. By losing sight of the spiritual power of ceremonies, we have created a life and world where we feel disconnected from nature. By turning away from our connection to a higher power and the greater story, we have disconnected ourselves from the flow of life.
A ceremony is performed with a specific purpose in mind, and while repetition is sometimes necessary, it often comes with a specific time and intention.
Rituals can be repeated daily, weekly, or monthly. By reintegrating ceremonies into our lives, we restore our connection to the sacred and transition from a state of disconnection to a state of being connected to life and nature once again. A ceremony brings change and works in a transformative way, allowing us to navigate the transitions in our lives with greater ease.

“Beyond all thoughts,

Beyond all emotions and physical form,

In the stillness of the silence,

We discover who we really are.

Life is the Ceremony.

How we live is the Sacred Ritual.”


Life changing

Birth, Holy Marriage, Rite de passage

Turning Points & Transitions

Life-changing moments are crucial in our journey and deserve to be celebrated and honoured in a meaningful way. A ceremony can help mark a transition, initiation, or passage in our lives. By sharing this ceremony with others, we amplify the strength and support we receive.
Whether it’s welcoming a new life, blessing parents during pregnancy, honouring our names, celebrating the transition into adulthood, or embracing changes in different life stages, a ceremony can connect us and give profound meaning to these significant moments.
At Your Healing Story, we understand the importance of these life transformations and stand ready to guide you in creating a meaningful ceremony that perfectly aligns with your unique story and supports your journey to healing.

Release Energetic blockages

Let it go, Set it free!

Energetic Balance

A ceremony specially designed to help you feel more balanced by removing energetic blockages.
Break free from unhealthy patterns and things that no longer serve you. Let go of old wounds and anchors from the past. These may include detrimental thoughts or feelings such as shame, self-blame, or resentment towards others.
Together, we can work with the elements of nature, such as fire, water, earth, and wind, to support these processes. We can also harness the power of a prayer tree.
Step into Your Healing Story and embark on your healing journey.

Our mother-daughter healing story emerged through the unique way in which Bernadetta collaborates with her spirits and the ancestral field. It became an initiation for my daughter to embark on her own life path and fulfill her purpose here on earth. Guided by our ancestors, I can let go and stand by her side unconditionally. It empowers us, thank you Bernadetta for this unforgettable tale.
Margaret van Engers



Memorial, Divorce, Relations

Honorable Ending

We all go through transitions in life – ending relationships, starting new jobs, or saying goodbye to loved ones who have passed away.
A ceremony for an honorable ending is a powerful tool for healing. It allows us to let go of unhealthy relationships and transform them from lovers to friends. It also provides an opportunity to cultivate new, strong, and healthy relationships that reflect and reinforce strength and self-love.
Holding onto the past hinders the transition to a healthy present and future. By letting go, we gain the freedom to create beneficial relationships and circumstances that offer us new growth opportunities.

With these ceremonies, we honor the transition of death and commemorate those who have passed away, including animals and elements of nature. We also pay tribute to the grief of loved ones, initiating a process that brings about significant change in their lives. Every aspect of life can experience sorrow, and the process varies from person to person.
By honoring this process with a ceremony, we can provide support at every step.

People, Houses, Places, Nature

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Lifedream, Regeneration.

Blessings Healing

At Your Healing Story, we understand the power of ceremonies to transform our lives and the world around us.
By visualising what we want to manifest and planting the seeds of our desires, we can nurture them with time, care, and nourishment. These inner seeds can grow into beautiful plants that enrich our lives and the world.

Whether it’s a new relationship, a career change, or a relocation, ceremonies can be particularly powerful for places and natural environments that have experienced devastating events. They can support and bless the earth, air, and water that may have been contaminated.
And most importantly, ceremonies can help us turn our dreams into reality. 

I found the healing experience incredibly enlightening. Bernadetta was able to provide me with detailed insights into what she received during my healing session. Sometimes, the way things appeared to her felt intense for me, but she did an amazing job of calming me down and translating everything in a way that I could understand. I’m grateful that Bernadetta has been a part of my spiritual development.
Jeada Jansen

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