“One day

You will tell Your Story

Of how you overcame what you went through

and it will be 

Someone else’s survival Guide.”

The session you had with me was the catalyst for a rapid rollercoaster of personal growth. It was such a positive experience! I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect and felt a little nervous.
However, from the moment I walked in, you created a calm and spacious environment that allowed me to fully surrender. All I had to do was lie down and listen to your voice. I could FEEL everything you said, and each message came with a vivid image that I actually saw.
The ancestors and spirits who revealed themselves all had meaningful messages, and it was truly incredible to see fragments of my own puzzle fall into place, many of which I wasn’t even aware of before.
Just from this session, I suddenly felt at peace with the part of me connected to my grandma. We never had a close bond, but I sensed her presence and together we resolved something that made me understand everything and feel immense compassion, forgiveness, and love for her.
It was truly extraordinary, and it felt like a gate had been opened. I literally felt FREE. After this session, everything within me came alive in a way I haven’t experienced in years. The past few years had held me back, and I had been working on breaking free from these “chains”… but your assistance and the messages you conveyed from my ancestors and spirits unleashed a tremendous life force within me that I hadn’t felt in years. I never expected this to have such a profound impact on me!
And because you recorded everything for me to listen to again, no information was lost, and the message was crystal clear.
Thank you… it was truly remarkable and valuable. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels the need to resolve past issues that they can’t access on their own.


Bernadetta was absolutely delightful to listen to. Her singing and drumming had a soothing effect, and I really appreciated her observations and verbalizing what she saw during the creation of the sacred space and healing. It brought me a sense of safety, trust, and allowed me to delve even deeper.
She provided incredible support throughout my journey, reminding me that it is not just about me and I don’t have to navigate it alone. The amount of support and healing available is truly remarkable.
Bernadetta brought back self-love, strength, and light into my life. I feel even more empowered and courageous to continue the process I am currently in, as well as to honor the entire lineage of women.
She delivered everything beautifully and with so much love, exactly as I had hoped!


I am truly grateful for all the help and support provided. The spirits who aided in giving strength to the doctors, I extend my heartfelt thanks to them.
Special mention to Bernadetta for guiding this healing process. There has been significant healing, not just for my husband, but also for our tribe.
We have witnessed depossessions, the unraveling of curses within our tribe, the lightwork during the operation, and the restoration of our strength. Thank you, Bernadetta!


Everything was focused on serenity, safety, and comfort; blissful! Bernadetta, your loving presence, deeply moving beautiful voice, and the choice of instruments were a delight. It was effortless and complete.
I noticed that you take the time to truly understand everything, which is a crucial point for me to be able to fully embrace all that happens during and after the session.
Four timelines were helped, four timelines that resonated so deeply with me and truly belonged to me. Thanks to the powerful gentleness of the spirits, power animals, and other elements of nature, I am now grateful for the lessons taught by those four lines, and I feel a sense of wholeness.
My intention was to establish a few things and also to ground myself. When you receive courage, trust, balance, and wholeness as gifts, let me tell you that every minute already looks different.
It is still sinking in, but simply feeling the strength of trust returning already holds great significance in all my thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Bernadetta is a caring and thoughtful connector, embodying the qualities of a primal mother. Her intuitive nature enables her to see situations, individuals, and challenges with remarkable clarity. She effortlessly translates these insights into a creative process, as evidenced by her impactful work with Roel.
Bernadetta’s meticulous attention to detail and careful approach shine through in her ability to enchant and heal others, creating an experience akin to being immersed in a film.


Bernadetta possesses an exceptional ability to deeply understand and connect with others. She has the remarkable talent of seeing beyond surface barriers, delving into the depths of a person’s being before embarking on a transformative journey with them.
Bernadetta’s feedback is a natural extension of her interpretation from a spiritual perspective, emanating from her strong connection to feminine power.
Through her own energy, she serves as an inspiring example, capable of unlocking closed portals and allowing the flow of source energy into others’ lives. A true way maker, Bernadetta elevates the vibration of individuals, bestowing upon them a precious gift of harmony.
Her immense light has the remarkable power to ignite the inner light within others, enabling a profound activation of their own healing journey.


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