My Story


As a young girl, the world around me was a place filled with infinite possibilities. I was enchanted by the magic it had to offer and felt a deep connection with nature. I loved experiencing adventures, and the realm of fantasy and magic felt like home to me.
Magic also comes with enchantment, and after attending a witch camp, all I wanted was to become a witch myself. It was my ultimate ambition as I grew older. I wanted to help people with white magic, and I believed in it wholeheartedly. It was my big dream.
But before I could fulfill my dream, life presented me with countless challenges to prepare me for the calling I no longer heard as I grew older. Daydreaming was no longer appreciated, and slowly, the magic faded along with my dream.


My Journey

Life has presented me with countless challenges, from which I have learned profound lessons that were meant to reveal my true potential.
In the deepest valleys, I found the strength to forge my own path. With determination, I embarked on a journey of solitude, self-doubt, and a sense of not belonging.
My intuition was disregarded as I strived to meet the expectations of others, ultimately losing myself in the process.
This voyage became a masterful school of self-love, compassion, inner strength, and rediscovering my inner child.
I learned to set boundaries and found people who unconditionally loved me for who I truly am.

“I heard a calling from my heart, It was a call to come home, where the Ancestors were waiting.”

My Vision

I have learned to listen again to my inner voice, my intuition, and my inner hearing. This has led me to the shamanic path – the path of the wounded healer.
With the return of my dreams, magic and fantasy have also reentered my life. I have been able to unwrap the gifts I have received and have learned how to use and embrace them.
I believe that everyone is entitled to rediscover and remember their own unique story, in order to stand in their inner power once more. And from this place of strength, they can connect lovingly with others, bringing more unity, harmony, peace, and connection into the world.
Let Love Rule!

It would be an honour to share and explore this journey with you, and discover the unique story that awaits you.


“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.”


My mission

As a child, I could only dream of fulfilling my childhood dream. Although I didn’t become a witch as I had imagined, I have created something unique – a story full of colorful magic with which I can lovingly embrace others. I have walked my own path, and now I can truly be myself! My true mission and purpose is to share the gifts I have received.
Sharing is Caring!
I would love to share these gifts with anyone seeking inner growth, self-love, strength, magic, connection, transformation, support, guidance, adventure, a tribe, a listening ear, a loving embrace, a safe space, but most importantly, with those who want to discover their own unique story.

Let’s embark on a journey of discovery together to Your Healing Story!

My Journey

The Healing Field Initiation – Roel Crabbé
2-year Shamanic Practitioner Training – Anam Cara – Roel Crabbé
Medicine Wheel Year Program – Anam Cara – Roel Crabbé
Spirit in Sound – Anam Cara – Roel Crabbé
Reiki I Reiki II initiation – Griet Heylen
Spirit Woman Year Program – Griet Heylen
Sacred Burial – Anam Cara – Roel Crabbé
Priestess of the New Age – Moon Circle – Katrijn Joris
Spirit Dance – Sundoor – Peggy Dylan