Your healing story

– Your Path, Your Journey, Your Story –

Welcome to Your Healing Story.

Step into a safe and sacred space where your transformative and healing journey begins.
Here, you will discover the true essence of your being, awaken your inner strength, and embrace complete self-love and connection. Prepare to reveal the power within yourself as you create your own unique story of resilience and empowerment.
Explore how your story can be the key to transformation and let it inspire the world.
At Your Healing Story, a beautiful journey awaits you, full of opportunities for growth, healing, and personal transformation.

Discover, embrace, and create your unique Healing Story, because this is the beginning of something Extraordinary!


“Your story may not have such a happy beginning,

but that doesn’t make you who you are.

It is the rest of your story,

who you choose to be.”

– Kungfu Panda

Hello, I’m Bernadetta!

Shamanic Healer and Creator.

From my own story, from my own life.
When I made the decision to create my unique story and no longer conform to others’ expectations a few years ago, it brought about a wealth of changes. My inner calling was irresistible, and I am genuinely grateful every day for walking my own path.
This journey has brought me back to the core of my existence, my inner strength, my essence, and my Healing Story!
I am blessed with the opportunity to walk the shamanic path, and during my healing sessions, I have received numerous valuable lessons, tools, and blessings.
The shamanic path recognizes the “Wounded Healer” in me, and this is my story!

Bernadetta is a gifted healer and artist who, in collaboration with her spirit guides, knows how to ask the right questions during her work. This allows for the illumination of specific aspects during a shamanic session. She works beautifully and calmly with her spirits, listening attentively. This grounded approach makes the session truly transformative, especially when she translates spirit messages into something concrete. I have gained so much from your session, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you.
Bas Hilhorst


At Your Healing Story, you have the unique opportunity to rediscover, unfold, and embrace your own healing narrative.
Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, where I will utilise my versatile toolbox to create a safe and supportive space for you to navigate your own path.
Let’s embark on a powerful and magical quest to reveal and explore the depths of your unique story.
Together, we will uncover how this narrative can transform you and guide you towards a life filled with joy, growth, and personal fulfillment.
Embrace the possibilities and give yourself the chance to discover your inner strength and fully embrace yourself.


Shamanic Healing


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Spiritual Coaching

This session exceeded all my expectations. It was the most powerful healing and the most transformative one so far. I am extremely GRATEFUL Bernadetta and I wish everyone could experience such a beautiful healing from you. The shrutibox was stunning and your singing was magical, truly BEAUTIFUL!
Marjolein Bos


During my journey on the shamanic path, I embarked on a quest to discover my Healing Story. Along the way, I have been blessed with an extraordinary talent to transform encounters into beautiful creations.
I manifest MAGIC in tangible forms, inspired by my deep connection with the energy of SPIRIT, light, our ANCESTORS, magic, and LOVE.
Each creation tells its own story and delivers a message of love and empowerment to those who experience it.
Through my art forms, I can make the invisible world tangible and bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual dimensions.


magical objects

Bernadetta’s healing work is infused with a profound love and warmth that can deeply resonate with your innermost being. Her unwavering dedication, nurturing care, and selfless service shine through in every aspect of her work. Not only does she possess the extraordinary ability to bring forth a light that touches your very soul, but she also emanates a unique strength that can only be described as the love and warmth of a true ‘family’. I feel immensely grateful to have witnessed her transformation into the extraordinary healer she is today.

Roel Crabbé

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