What’s in a name?


What does a name mean? We have first names, last names, nicknames, baptismal names, and probably many more variations of a name. I never really thought about the deeper meaning of a name until a dear friend of mine told me about her Holistic Name Analysis. A name analysis that she had done by Sigrid Dewaele from De Natuurkeuken.

My curiosity was piqued, and I quickly made an appointment with Sigrid after meeting her in person. She is a beautiful woman with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about herbs and nutrition. And how interesting it is to hear what a name can reveal.

I used to be called Bernie. This was my nickname. And the many variations of it, Burnie, Burn, Burnster, and B. In search of my own identity, I went along with the nicknames that others could give me and that I could give myself. I remember well that I had a strong aversion to my baptismal names. This probably came with my resistance to many things that my parents imposed on me. One of those things was the church, and I associated my baptismal names with the church since I was baptized there as a child. I also had three baptismal names that all started with the same letter. Couldn’t my parents think of anything better? I was ashamed to even mention them, so I lovingly kept them hidden from the outside world.

Years later, I decided to take a different path and started to feel that my nickname Bernie (and all its variations) no longer suited me. I had decided to say goodbye to my old life, patterns, pain, and traumas in order to become a renewed version of myself. I chose transformation. To learn to embrace myself and with that, my baptismal names. The names my parents gave me. I felt that these names suited me better and that I could carry them with pride.

Recently, I read a passage in Sandra Ingerman’s book about ceremonies. In this case, a naming ceremony where I read that at some point, a name may no longer fit you because of its sound (my interpretation of the passage). And that resonated enormously with how it felt for me to use my own name instead of my nickname. Bernie sounds very different from Bernadetta. It also feels very strange when others call me Bernie. As if they are talking about someone else.

Returning to Sigrid’s holistic name analysis. Apparently, your name has a blueprint, a soul drawing that can reveal various aspects, such as your karmic patterns and challenges. The influence other lives can have on your current life. And so much more! Check here for more information about it.

I experienced the consultation as a true gift because it deeply touched me. Another life explained my strong connection to Mother Earth. Something that several people had said to me, but I didn’t understand why they had said that. Many people feel a strong connection to Mother Earth, right? I discovered that my intestines were my weakest organs and needed more attention. I could never have thought of this because I didn’t feel any discomfort in my intestines like others might experience. My connection to the Sun was explained, and how could she possibly know that roses are my favorite flowers? Or that I enjoy working with wool felt? And so much more. I was blown away!

After this consultation, I started looking at names with completely different eyes. I knew they could have meaning, but I never thought there could be so much more to a name. So what’s in a name? A whole lot more than you can imagine!