Warm Welcome


“As she walked through the forest, she spotted a flowing river. Intrigued, she approached the river and was invited to step into the water. As she immersed her feet, the river’s current calmed down, and she found herself standing in the middle of the river. The water gently flowed around her legs, and she closed her eyes, absorbing the gifts that Grandmother Water had to offer. These gifts seeped into every cell of her being.

While standing amidst the river, she voiced her intention. She longed to uncover her soul’s mission and discover the gifts she had to share with the world. After releasing her intention, she turned around and gazed at the direction in which the water flowed. Contentedly, she followed the gentle current, allowing Grandmother Water to guide her further and further away from nature, deeper into the universe. The water transformed into a path for her to follow, leading her back to the place before her conception, before she came to Earth.

In the distance, she noticed a flying creature circling above the path. As she got closer, she recognized it as a red dragon, eagerly awaiting her arrival. She climbed onto the dragon’s back, and together they soared through space. The exhilarating ride filled her with joy, experiencing the dragon’s speed, power, and unconditional love. It felt as if the dragon had been a loyal friend patiently awaiting her presence. It rejoiced in her arrival.

Eventually, the dragon landed in a place resembling a cliff. Luna disembarked from its back and discovered an opening that resembled a dark cave. With trust and surrender, she entered the cave, walking through the darkness until she caught a glimpse of light. Stepping through the opening, she found herself in a magnificent paradise, brimming with abundance, fertility, and richness. Life thrived in perfect harmony, resembling a lush, dense jungle. It felt like a sacred sanctuary, radiating wisdom, knowledge, and beauty. This place embodied her soul and its mission, the gifts she brought to Earth, and the vast strength she possessed. The fertile soil offered the potential for growth and blossoming. She realized the importance of protecting herself while sharing from a place of strength and self-love, avoiding excessive self-sacrifice and allowing others to take too much.

With closed eyes, she absorbed all the richness and gifts, allowing the energy of this place to flow through her. She inhaled deeply, taking it all in. When she finished, she opened her inner eyes, expressing gratitude to the place for all that she received. She calmly retraced her steps back to the opening where the dragon awaited on the cliff. After thanking the place once more, she climbed onto the dragon’s back, appreciating the beauty she had encountered.

Together, they journeyed back into the universe, returning to the place from which the dragon had brought her. Luna disembarked from the dragon and thanked it for its guidance and presence before following the path that led her through the universe. In the distance, she faintly heard the sound of flowing water. It was Grandmother Water, patiently waiting for her return. Before allowing herself to be led by the water again, she expressed gratitude for the path that had guided her to the dragon. The water guided her back to the starting point of this journey, the middle of the river. Here, she took a moment to thank Grandmother Water before stepping out of the river.

Once out of the river, she followed the path back into the forest, towards the place where her family of light eagerly awaited her. They welcomed her back with overwhelming joy, embracing her within their circle. Surrounded by her loving family, they touched her, filling her with strength, blessings, and gifts. They were proud of her and loved her unconditionally. Luna was allowed to take all these gifts with her.

What richness!

What a journey!